Electrical Line Clearance Services in Panorama City, CA


Trunks, branches, or limbs obstructing electric lines are serious and must be dealt with in a safe and efficient manner. Trees are one of the largest causes of power outages in California, which is one of the reasons why it is important to conduct routine electrical line clearance on your property. Interfering trees also make it unsafe for crews to make repairs and conduct regular maintenance, and have the potential to cause a fire when in contact with a high-voltage power line.


I.E.C. performs regular tree trimming and removal services to keep power lines clear and brush away from rights-of-way. Our team is trained to safely remove obstructions and potential hazards, following guidelines set by professionals. Contact us to obtain our services and protect yourself and others from the dangers of impeded electric lines.


Tree and Electrical Line Safety


Section 4293 of the California Public Resource Code requires you to maintain a minimum distance of four feet from any line operating at 2,400 or more volts, six feet for any line operating at 72,000 or more volts, and ten feet for any line operating at 110,000 or more volts. Using caution when planting trees will help you avoid potential safety hazards. We suggested trees planted near high-voltage transmission lines reach mature tree height at least ten feet away from the closest line.


If a tree interferes with an electric line, never attempt to resolve the problem yourself. Power lines are not insulated, and therefore will severely injure or kill you if you touch them. If you notice a problem with an electric line, contact us as soon as possible and we’ll send a specialist to safely handle the situation. 

Our Approach to Electrical Line Clearance


I.E.C. clears to industry standards, keeping you and your neighbors safe from the potential dangers of a compromised power line. We are trained to safely remove trees and limbs that have the potential to cause harm, greatly reducing the threat of power loss or fire on your property. Contact us for more information about our electric line clearance services in California.