Emergency Tree and Landscape Service in Panorama City, CA


Weather can pose a serious threat to landscaping and people. Earthquakes or storms may cause trees and debris to fall, potentially effecting power lines and causing power outages or other safety hazards. These safety hazards may not only affect your property, but also the safety of the public. Contact I.E.C. to help avoid costly down time at your commercial property or potential litigation due to hazardous conditions due to tree and debris fall. 


At International Environmental Corporation, we offer on call storm tree removal and post-earthquake debris removal. We perform all of the services, regardless of time or situation, to get your property, business, or yard back in shape. We understand that emergency services may be time sensitive, and are dedicated to providing you with quality and affordable care as soon as possible.


Contact I.E.C. for Emergency Services


Preventative care is the best way to avoid falling trees and storm debris. However, preventative care will not always eliminate storm or earthquake damage. It is important to have an emergency services contract with I.E.C so that when an emergency happens, you can receive priority services.  Our knowledgeable team will work to develop a customized plan for your yard to keep everyone safe and landscaping looking its best. If you are in need of emergency landscaping services, you can reach I.E.C. by phone or online. We are ready to help you take charge of your property, promoting plant healthto help prevent future safety hazards.