Estate Care and Landscaping in Los Angeles, California


Beautiful trees and landscaping increases property value and can also keep you safe from unforeseen hazards, such as storms or fires. International Environmental Corporation specializes in providing comprehensive arboriculture care for estates, making it easy for you to manage your property. We’ll survey your land and determine the best course of action that combines preventative care and beautification in a cost-effective way. Reach out to one of your specialists today to learn more about how I.E.C. can help you save time, energy, and money.


Our Tree Care and Landscaping Services


I.E.C. is composed of a talented, diverse staff that understands the ins and outs of landscaping. We can provide you with a variety of tree care services, including trimming, pruning, artistic lacing, removal, transplanting, root pruning, injections, hazard assessments, tree evaluations, and more. We’ll develop a custom approach to your estate’s landscaping and work to promote the natural beauty of your yard while ensuring safety. If you would like more information about the specific services we provide, contact us for a free consultation.