Tree Care and Landscaping for Golf Courses and Country Clubs


International Environmental Corporation offers premier tree care and landscaping services to country clubs and golf courses throughout Southern California. We take pride in offering comprehensive care packages at affordable rates, simplifying your tree care and landscape routine. When you decide to partner with I.E.C., we’ll tour your property and work to develop a custom approach to fit your arboricultural needs.


The Benefits of Partnering with I.E.C.


We have a team of specialists on staff that can provide you with a wide variety of services, including tree care, landscaping, tree injections, risk assessment, emergency services, arborist consultation, fire clearance, and more. We are able to operate during off hours, minimizing your downtime. We make it easy to maintain beautiful, safe conditions around your country club or golf course, so your patrons can enjoy your facility to its absolute fullest.


Emergency Services for Country Clubs and Golf Courses


We understand that remaining operational is a top priority for you, and we’re prepared to respond to natural disasters quickly and safely. We have experience cleaning up after storms, fires, floods, and more and know how to promote the natural beauty of your trees and landscaping without sacrificing the playability of your course. If you’re looking for a company to handle all of your arboricultural needs, contact I.E.C. today.