Tree Care in Panorama City, CA and Throughout California


At International Environmental Corporation, providing you with quality tree care is our top priority. When you properly maintain your trees, you promote healthy growth and brilliant appearance. We’re available to walk you through every step of the process, from education to maintenance, to ensure you find the right course of action for your trees.


Our Tree Care Services


We offer tree trimming and pruning, as well as tree fertilization, to enhance the natural beauty of your trees. Before any care is done, a certified arborist will evaluate the tree to determine which approach will yield the best possible outcome. We’re concerned with the beauty and longevity of your plants, and have the knowledge and experience to help your trees flourish.


Tree Trimming & Pruning


Tree trimming and pruning is an essential aspect of tree care. There are several reasons why you should trim and prune your trees:

  • It promotes tree health

  • It prevents safety hazards

  • It encourages natural tree form

  • It stimulates or restricts growth

Trimming and pruning is a science and an art form. At I.E.C., our specialists know how to work with a wide variety of species, resulting in customized care that will leave your tree looking its best and functioning at its highest potential.


While a majority of species can be trimmed and pruned at anytime during the year, certain trees require maintenance within a specific time frame. Contact our certified arborists today to determine the best approach to caring for your trees.


Tree Fertilization


Healthy trees start with healthy soil. In a wooded environment, the soil is naturally rich, allowing the tree to thrive. When a tree is planted in a yard, however, the soil does not possess the same nutrients that come from fallen leaves and other decaying matter. This makes it necessary for a tree care specialist to step in and adjust the soil to create an environment that promotes tree health.


Fertilizing your trees encourages root expansion, as well as enhanced foliage and better blooming. When you provide the nutrients your tree needs, it will grow and thrive. Reach out to a certified arborist at I.C.E. today to determine the next step in caring for your trees.