Tree Injection Service in Panorama City, CA


Looking for a safe alternative to traditional spray and soil pesticides? Tree injections are an effective way to treat diseases, nutrient deficiencies, and insect problems while limiting environmental exposure. Tree injections keep the applicator, your family, and the environment safe by injecting the chemicals directly into the trunk. Contact us today for more information about how you can protect yourself, your trees, and the environment with tree injections.


What are Tree Injections?


Tree injection is a method of applying chemicals, such as pesticides, to prevent insects, pests, or other diseases. An injection tool inserts chemicals directly into the trunk, resulting in quick distribution throughout the vascular system. This method requires fewer pesticides than other traditional methods, making it the safest choice for you and the environment. Some injections are preventative and some address specific issues, helping your trees grow healthy and strong.


Benefits of Tree Injections


  • Quick and Easy: A professional can apply tree injections in a short amount of time, putting your trees on the fast track to heath.

  • Cost Effective: The price of tree injections has lowered substantially since they were first developed. Contact I.E.C. today for pricing.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Tree injections limit the environment’s exposure to chemicals, lessening the negative impact. 


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